Red Bull Gives You Wings

The energy drink that ”gives you wings”, opted for a proximity marketing campaign featuring digital signage in Canadian convenience stores. Shoppers in local stores were greeted by signs that encouraged them to activate their wireless Bluetooth feature, which allows for the transfer of communication and data. In exchange for their participation, a 2-for-$4 coupon was delivered straight to their device.

Even though Red Bull does not have any stand alone retail locations, they were able to capitalize with proximity marketing by putting their digital signs near checkouts and in store aisles. This made their deals readily available to consumers all over Canada, in addition to promoting their brand name. Upon activation of their bluetooth, customers received a digital coupon, which encouraged them to make an immediate purchase.

Red Bull was able to get feedback from each offer delivered, and could determine how many coupons were actually being redeemed. This opened the door for further communication with the consumer, once they opted-in to receive promotions.

Businesses That Benefit From Proximity Marketing

Retail stores

Engage shoppers inside your store using beacons and proximity marketing. Drive traffic, send out promotions, and talk to your customers through notifications.

Real Estate Development

Go beyond sale signs and billboards with Bluetooth beacon marketing. Instantly connect with buyers and generate leads through beacon notifications on their smartphones.

Bars & Restaurants

Use Bluetooth beacons to drive traffic and deliver a delightful experience to customers who walk in. Track hourly footfalls to adjust happy hours and promotions.

Car Dealerships

Enhance the in-store car buying experience and engage with prospects as they walk around your showroom. Use beacons to showcase videos, car specs, and highlights through notifications.

Sports & Entertainment

Use beacon technology to promote upcoming events, shows, or your services. Drive traffic to your Meetup, Eventbrite or Facebook event page to build your audience. 

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