What Is Proximity Marketing?

Did you know that 95% of Americans own a smart phone and spend an average of 4 hours on their device per day? 

Think of proximity marketing as messages and advertisements that follow you around. One minute, you’re walking though a department store, and the next, a map of the location pops up on your phone! Maybe you’ve had a rough morning at the office, decide it’s time for a break, and you head outside for some fresh air. While leaving the building, your phone alerts you of a nearby coffeehouse. Just the thought of caffeine makes you feel relieved, so you head straight there to get some java. This is how proximity marketing works. It delivers targeted advertising content to consumers’ mobile devices based on their location.

Retailers have poured tons of energy into direct mail, social media and even email marketing. They are now discovering the effectiveness of influencing customers when they’re close to a store, or while they’re waiting in a checkout line. The proximity marketing strategy persuades people to react spontaneously. This can lead to the discovery of brands they never knew existed, and can also encourage impulse buying; ultimately increasing the company’s revenue.

Mobile Advertising

By 2019 mobile advertising will account 72% of all digital ad spending


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